Get Ready NYC, These Illegal(ish) Alcoholic Slushies Are Only Sold On Instagram

Slurping, slurring your words, stumbling around trying to find Tylenol? Sounds like a summer slushie to us.

New York, there's another Phrost bite warning on the way.

Powdered alcohol dreams, step aside -- we're ordering the next round of drinks on Instagram. Why? Because that's the only way you can order NYC's booziest, "Best Tasting Fruit Slushies," also known as Phrosties. Forget #selfies, we're getting #schwasted.

The Phrostie comes in flavors like Tsunami Sunrise, La Phiesta, The Hero, Tropical Sunrise, Dragonberry Colada, and Volcanic Paradise and costs 10 bucks a pop. Delivery is 24/7, but it's only available for alleged illegal dropoff insta-order for NYC and Westchester County. (We've also heard rumors of a New Jersey expansion).

The easiest way to place an order is to text the number on the Phrostie Instagram account and from there work out your detailed drop off. What may feel like a dangerous deal has one final catch -- to place your order, the company MUST approve the dealmaker as an Instagram follower.

While opinions on the Phrosties vary, one thing is for sure -- you're going to get wildly (and hilariously) drunk. According to NY Mag restaurant critic Adam Platt, this was his reaction after trying one in the NY Mag offices:

"This is just pure sugar and grain alcohol," he said after his first taste. "I already have a headache." Even still, he understood the allure: "After the first sip, you’re loving the sugar. After the third sip, you’re thinking how pretty the colors look and why can't you feel your lips? After chugging the whole thing, who cares? You’re lying blotto on the sidewalk and all is bliss."

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