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Alcohol-Free Bars All The Rage In U.K.

All the nightlife, hold the hangover.

That's the pitch behind a growing number of alcohol-free bars springing up in the U.K.

Skyy News reports that the increasing popularity of the establishments, often funded by anti-alcoholism charities, could signal a change in attitude amongst English youth.

"Say you go out three nights a week, if you replace that with one night at a chilled out, nice place, where you don't have to think about spending money on alcohol, you don't have to think about how you're getting home ... It's just a nice alternative," university student Sophie Fordham said.

And Fordham's not the only one, according to statistics cited by Skyy News:

The number of people, aged 25-44, who said they had had a drink in the previous week dropped from 74% to 63% for men and from 62% to 50% for women, between 2005 and 2012.

Last year, the Guardian reported on a number of "dry bars" springing up in the U.K., but noted that the experience isn't for everyone.

"I enjoyed my cocktail," Angela Gil said of her experience at the Netil House in London. "It's a nice taste. You maybe miss the feeling though." Gil did say she would return with friends.

Alcohol-free bars are also making an appearance state-side. Eater wrote last year about The Other Side in suburban Chicago that aims to give people recovering from alcohol addiction a place that's exactly like a bar, without the booze.

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