Alcohol-Infused Panini Make Sandwich History

If only we were joking: alcohol-infused sandwiches are now a reality.

UrbanDaddy points us toward Manhattan panini shop Salumè, which apparently offers to drip a variety of spirits over your finished sandwich:

You’ve got a few options here. They’ve got one with Surryano ham and rye, and another with prosciutto, beets and scotch. There’s a crudo prosciutto with gin. Just taking home a couple pounds of the drizzled meat is another way to go. (Nothing goes with Kraft singles like gin-drizzled prosciutto.)

And in case you were wondering, no alcohol is cooked off with any sort of heating process. The sandwich is literally assembled, doused in liquor and served to you.

It's unclear how much alcohol actually goes into the sandwiches -- or if you need to be 21 or over to enjoy them -- but the gimmick certainly earns Salumè a place in groundbreaking food history, right alongside these alcoholic cupcakes

Check out Salumè's alcohol-infused panini in the gallery below.

Alcohol-Infused Panini