A Periodic Table For Boozers (INFOGRAPHIC)

And a great way to learn your cocktails.

We don't blame you if the mere mention of a periodic table makes you shudder, reminding you of the long hours you spent in chemistry class. But we have a new and improved periodic table for you, one we're sure you'll like. This periodic table focuses not on chemicals, but cocktails. We're pretty sure this rendition would have definitely been able to keep our attention in high school.

This cocktail infographic is the best way we've ever seen to learn our fuzzy navels from our tequila sunrises. Not only is it categorized according to booze, but it also gives you the alcohol percentage of each cocktail (very important information) and the year it was created (good for random bar trivia). Study up -- we're sure it won't be too hard with this periodic table.

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by mayra.artes.
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