Aldwych Tube Station: Abandoned Station Opened For Tours (PHOTOS)

Below London, there sits a network of 18 "ghost stations" of the city's Underground that are closed for various reasons, ranging from disrepair to lack of use. The stations have been cut off from visitors thanks to their general state of decay, not to mention the threat of significant legal ramifications from the Transport for London office.

No matter. The Aldwych tube station, which has been closed to passengers since the early 1990s, reopened to eager eyes over the weekend thanks to tours given by the London Transport Museum (future tours are already sold out.) Lucky guests got a chance to see first hand the station that was home to storage for the National Gallery during World War I and to the Elgin marbles during the Blitz.

The station, originally called Strand, was also the setting for scenes from various films, including "V for Vendetta" and "Atonement."

Check out the abandoned tube station in all its glory below.

Aldwych Tube Station