Alec Baldwin Defends Gay Marriage For Fight Back NY (VIDEO)

WATCH: Alec Baldwin Urges NY'ers To Remove Anti-Gay Marriage Senators

Alec Baldwin released a video today for the Fight Back NY, a campaign for marriage equality in New York, to urge voters to kick out those in the State Senate who voted against gay marriage last year.

In it, Baldwin addresses an earlier video by Jesse Tyler Furgason in which the Modern Family star professed his undying love for Baldwin, only to find out that the State Senate doesn't allow gay marriage.

Baldwin argues that just because he's a straight man shouldn't mean he can't marry Furgason, a gay man. "NO ONE tells a New Yorker they can't marry Jesse Tyler Furgason," he says, and urges New Yorkers to "remove from office those senators who stand in the way of equality."


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