Alec Baldwin: 'Just To Clean Up The Mess' After Trump Will Be 'Almost Impossible'

"There’s so many problems we’re going to have to undo."

Alec Baldwin’s Twitter presence is infamous enough to both warrant a “South Park” parody and a loving moniker from his longtime friend Tina Fey. In an interview Fey did with David Letterman for The Hollywood Reporter after the election, she talked about Donald Trump’s mistake in feuding with Baldwin on the social media platform.

“You think you’re good at being a jerk on Twitter? You will now face the grandmaster of being a jerk on Twitter,” joked Fey.

The Huffington Post’s Bill Bradley caught up with Baldwin before the ACLU’s March 31 “Stand For Rights” benefit to ask what how the actor would approach Twitter if he somehow became president.

“I don’t think I would do Twitter if I was the president of the United States,” Baldwin first said, before explaining that he sees value in having a social media team post speeches and other formal messages.

Baldwin, who’s keeping busy impersonating the 45th president on “Saturday Night Live,” then launched into a Trump impression, saying he wouldn’t send tweets like, “The failing New York Times is terrible.”

“I think that’s crazy,” he said.

Baldwin went on to further express concern over the current administration:

But I think that the president, especially now, there’s so many problems we’re going to have to undo. I mean, when Trump is gone, to undo [this] will be like one of these flood zones. It will be like when a tsunami hits a town. Just to clean up the mess these people have made is going to be almost impossible.

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