Alec Baldwin Calls Out Hypocrisy Of Fox News Attacking Harvey Weinstein

"Ailes is dead," Baldwin said. "But O’Reilly’s alive. So ...?"

Alec Baldwin is frustrated at Fox News.

Specifically, the Donald Trump-impersonating “Saturday Night Live” star is annoyed that Fox News is attacking Harvey Weinstein over sexual harassment allegations after the conservative network covered up harassment within its own ranks by former Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes and former host Bill O’Reilly.

“Fox commentators think the worst should come down on Weinstein and his company,” Baldwin tweeted on Saturday. “Ailes is dead. But O’Reilly’s alive. So...?”

Shortly before that tweet, Baldwin retweeted Think Progress reporter Judd Legum’s message calling out a particular statement by Fox News analyst Gregg Jarrett.

“The Weinstein Company should shut its doors,” Jarrett had said on Fox News.

“Oh, so companies with pervasive sexual harassment issues at the leadership level should shut down?” Legum said in the tweet shared by Baldwin. “Interesting idea.”

Fox News and O’Reilly paid $13 million to five women to try to cover up the sexual harassment allegations made against the former host of “The O’Reilly Factor.” The network fired O’Reilly earlier this year and chose Tucker Carlson to replace him.

In 2006, Carlson said that Democrats made up the idea of sexual harassment: “This is a group that made up the concept of sexual harassment. ‘You look great today.’ ‘Boom, I‘m charging you with a crime.’”

21st Century Fox has had to pay over $50 million to settle harassment claims against the network.

Baldwin, of course, doesn’t have a sterling reputation when it comes to his treatment of women either, although not in the same way. His divorce from Kim Basinger was particularly acrimonious, but Basinger says the two are “cool now.” In 2007, he infamously left a voicemail to his 11-year-old daughter, Ireland, calling her a “rude little pig.” Baldwin has expressed much regret about that voicemail over the last decade, and his daughter now publicly jokes about it with him.

“It’s a scab that never heals, ’cause it’s being picked at all the time by other people,” Baldwin said on “Good Morning America” earlier this year. “My daughter, that’s hurt her in a permanent way.”

As a longtime and prominent member of Hollywood, Baldwin has had interactions with Weinstein in the past.

In 2012, Alec Baldwin reportedly spent a night at the Cannes Film Festival telling multiple people at a party that Weinstein was a “douche bag.” The reported reason for the name-calling at the time was because Weinstein wouldn’t fund a project.

This month, several media outlets have published horrifying reports of sexual harassment allegations waged against Weinstein. The list of women accusing Weinstein of assault and harassment has continued to grow throughout the week.

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