Alec Baldwin: I'm Quitting Acting In 2012

Enjoy '30 Rock' while you can because Alec Baldwin is threatening to quit Hollywood altogether when his contract expires in 2012.

"I don't have any interest in acting anymore," the Emmy winner, 51, said in an interview for the December issue of Men's Journal. "Movies are a part of my past. It's been 30 years. I'm not young, but I have time to do something else."

Baldwin stars alongside Meryl Streep in the upcoming holiday comedy 'It's Complicated' and will co-host the 2010 Oscars with Steve Martin. He was nominated for an Oscar for his 2003 performance in 'The Cooler.' Still he avoids his own movies and insists he has no future on the big screen.

"I consider my entire movie career a complete failure," he told the magazine. "The goal of moviemaking is to star in a film where your performance drives the film, and the film is either a soaring critical or commercial success, and I never had that."

So what will he do next? Baldwin has flirted with the idea of running for public office. He's also mentioned he would like to remarry--to "a really rich woman so I can stay home and read books all day."

The December issue of Men's Journal hits newsstands Friday.

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