Alec Baldwin May End Donald Trump Bit Soon For A Depressing Reason

He previously suggested the administration's "maliciousness" was souring his act.

This is no laughing matter.

Alec Baldwin has stated again that he might soon ditch his Donald Trump impersonation on “Saturday Night Live,” this time because he predicts viewers will be too depressed to see the humor.

Baldwin confirmed to the British Press Association on Thursday that he will continue his Trump shtick when he is available this season on “SNL,” which has seen a ratings revival due in part to Baldwin’s antics as commander-in-chief.

But all bets are off for next season.

“After that, I don’t quite know,” he says in the clip above. “I don’t quite know if people want to continue with that. If everything stays the same in the country as it is now, I don’t think people will be in the mood to laugh about it come September.”

Earlier in March, the actor warned that he may shortly pull the plug on his Trump gig because of the administration’s “maliciousness.”

Alec Baldwin as President Donald Trump in an "SNL" sketch aired in February.
Alec Baldwin as President Donald Trump in an "SNL" sketch aired in February.
NBC via Getty Images

Although Baldwin is reportedly writing a book as Trump, spoofing the president in yet another medium ― perhaps in film or onstage ― doesn’t appeal to the actor.

“I don’t know if I’d want to be Trump for more than a 5-minute slug of time on ‘Saturday Night Live,’” he said. “You’d have to pay me like an ungodly amount of money because it would be exhausting. It would be tiresome.”

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