Alec Baldwin Endorses Charlie Brown For President

“Charlie Brown persevered, and so did I.”

It’s a great endorsement, Charlie Brown!

Actor Alec Baldwin may be a longtime supporter of the Democratic Party, but he’d like to vote for everybody’s favorite “Peanuts” underdog instead.

“I met Charlie Brown when I was, well, about his age and I discovered someone who wanted the same things I did and was as anxious as achieving them as I was,” Baldwin said in the clip, above. “Charlie Brown persevered, and so did I.”

Sorry, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but if the snub has you feeling down, you could pay 5 cents to talk about it with Lucy van Pelt.

The clip was a promo for Peanuts Rock The Vote, a website where people can vote for their favorite Peanuts character. More importantly, eligible Americans can also register to vote on the site for the upcoming presidential election.

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