Alec Baldwin Quits Twitter With Party Analogy After Backlash Over Wife's Heritage

The actor who played Trump on "SNL" has now joined him offline.

Alec Baldwin tweeted Monday that he has quit Twitter “for now” after his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, was called out for falsely claiming Spanish heritage and using a Spanish accent in some old videos.

“Twitter is like a party where everyone is screaming. Not much of a party,” the actor wrote. “Goodbye for now.”

Alec Baldwin did not specifically say why he was leaving the social media platform. But in December, he appeared to respond to the allegations about his wife’s background in an Instagram post, saying, “It’s so spectacularly false. And they’ve said it about people I love, false things” and “when you love somebody, you want to defend them.”

Baldwin himself appeared to participate in his wife’s supposed ruse. Old footage showed him telling talk show host David Letterman that she was “from Spain.”

Hilaria Baldwin, nee Hillary Hayward-Thomas, recently attempted to clarify her background, saying she was born in Boston but maintains a strong connection to Spain because she has spent so much time in Spain with her parents who live there.

Ironically, Alec Baldwin now finds himself voluntarily off a social media platform that the man he played on “Saturday Night Live,” Donald Trump, has been banned from.

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