Alec Baldwin Responds To NY Post Allegations Against Him On 'Late Show' (VIDEO)

Alec Baldwin responded to the claims made by the NY Post on "Late Show." The paper reported that Baldwin told a reporter to "choke to death" and then was slinging racial epithets and calling a black Post photographer a "crackhead" and "drug dealer."

“I would like to begin now an official campaign to get The New York Post nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for journalism," Baldwin said. "The Post waited, and waited and waited patiently for 25 years and finally they tripped me up and exposed me for the racist that I really am."

Baldwin was joking and denied hurling any racial slurs. He said he did "holler" at the photographer to leave him alone, and even filed a harassment claim with the NYPD. The photographer filed a counter-claim.

Baldwin has things much closer to home to worry about. He's set to star in the upcoming Broadway play, "Orphans," and has announced that he and his wife are expecting their first child.

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