Alec Baldwin Says It's 'Not Really Likely' He'll Be NYC's Mayor In 2013


Is Alec Baldwin really going to run for NYC Mayor? He's been dodging the question for months so Adam Carolla took the chance to ask him about those rumors during a surprise call to his #1 podcast in the world The Adam Carolla Show.

I think that you know, that's... not really likely, because in NY all the state-wide seats are democratic seats. Democratic governor and two democratic senators and so forth... You have to spend a better year and a half of your life raising money, and campaigning and the race is in November of 2013. And I don't think I have time to do that, quite frankly.

So what is his dream after 30 Rock is over?

Maybe you and I can start up Loveline. What the F*%@ do you need Dr. Drew for?

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