Alec Baldwin On SNL: Mocks American Airlines Incident, Self During Weekend Update (VIDEO)

After being booted off an American Airlines flight -- supposedly for playing Words With Friends -- Alec Baldwin has been the talk of much "celebrities are so like us and so not like us" debate. The actor has since given his account of the incident, as well as an addendum to that account, but it stands to reason that he would make a tongue-in-cheek appearance on his home away from home, Saturday Night Live, to address it.

The "30 Rock" star popped up as a guest on Weekend Update, pretending to be the pilot of his fated flight, Captain Steve Rogers. With Update host Seth Meyers punctuating the segment by asking, "Alec, are you sure this is the right way to handle this?" Baldwin made a sarcastic apology on behalf of the airline, dubbing himself "an American treasure" in the process.

The appearance was a good reminder of why the actor's occasional social transgression is so easily forgiven.

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