Putin Ditches Trump For Saudi Crown Prince In 'SNL' Opener

The president also can't understand why Europe's leaders aren't a fan of nationalism.

Alec Baldwin returned to “Saturday Night Live” as a lonely President Donald Trump who’s losing sleep at the G-20 summit over the Mueller investigation.

“How could anyone think that I colluded with Russia?” Trump ponders before he’s joined on his hotel balcony by a shirtless Vladimir Putin (played by Beck Bennett).

The two have words over Putin’s “totally improvised handshake” with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (Fred Armisen) on Friday.  

While “Vladdy Daddy” assures Trump he’s still his No. 1, he ultimately decides to ditch him for the Saudi leader because he prefers “presidents who don’t get indicted.”

Ben Stiller also made an appearance as a nervous Michael Cohen who just can’t resist taking one last phone call from his “Donny Trumpaluffagus.”

Check out the full ‘SNL’ opener in the clip below.