Alec Baldwin Stalker, Genevieve Sabourin, Emails Reveal Attempt To Befriend Fiance Hilaria Thomas

Desperate emails from Alec Baldwin's accused stalker Genevieve Sabourin expose her frantic attempts to reach the "30 Rock" actor and his fiancee Hilaria Thomas.

The Daily News reports the 40-year old Canadian actress sent Baldwin an email on April 2, the day news of his engagement to yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas became public, in which she expressed the news was "painful for me and so destructive" and that she "just died" at the announcement.

Perhaps even more disturbingly, an earlier email stemming from March revealed a plan to befriend Thomas in order to get closer to the actor. She wrote:

I will change my name and take yoga classes you know where and I’ll become HLT best friend, faster then (sic) you know. I’ll use her ego.”

Early April, Sabourin was arrested for allegedly stalking Baldwin outside his Manhattan apartment. The weekend prior to her arrest, Sabourin even turned up unannounced at Baldwin's home in the Hamptons, the same weekend he proposed to Thomas.

The struggling actress has since denied any wrongdoing and said, "I'm confident that my lawyers are going to solve this."