Alec Baldwin Writes Tough And Tender Truths About His Late Father

The actor honored his dad on the 36th anniversary of his death.

Alec Baldwin reminisced about his late father on Monday with the power and clarity of a son who was loved.

The actor shared a photo of Alexander Rae Baldwin Jr. on Instagram to mark his death 36 years to the day. In his caption, the actor wrote movingly of a man who departed too soon at age 55.

He called his father, an educator and coach, “a uniquely caring, dedicated, stern, smart and, at times, funny man.” Baldwin sought other mentors but “no one has quite filled the position,” he wrote.

“I miss you, dad.”

Baldwin, 61, now has five children of his own.

“Being a father can be very challenging because kids are obsessed with their mothers,” the actor told People last year. “I’m in a room with my kids and I’m doing really well until my wife walks in! They just dump me.”

Baldwin has four young kids with his second wife, Hilaria, who recently revealed she had a miscarriage.

“There was no heartbeat today at my scan…so it’s over…” she wrote in an Instagram post with a photo with the family. “but I have some pretty strong and amazing heartbeats right here.”

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