Alec Baldwin Becomes 'Professor Of Trumpology' In Iowa Trump Roast

The actor also struck a serious tone with a call to action for Democrats.

Alec Baldwin couldn’t resist mocking President Donald Trump at an Iowa Democratic Party fundraiser on Monday night.

The actor, who regularly portrays Trump to hilarious effect on “Saturday Night Live,” repeatedly zinged the president during a speech at the party’s annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Des Moines.

Baldwin, posing as “Professor of Advanced Trumpology and Abnormal Psychology” at the now-defunct Trump University, joked about the fictional political science fiction course. He also made fun of “guest lecturers,” Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Baldwin channeled Trump to apologize for calling Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) “Pocahontas” during a White House event honoring Native American veterans.

It wasn’t all lighthearted banter, however. Baldwin struck a serious tone in a bid to heal the Democratic rift between supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, asking the 2,000 guests to unite for the sake of the party.

“I am ready to fight,” Baldwin told the audience. “We’ve got party-building to do on a scale we’ve never known.” He promised that he was “ready to fight to help the Democrats win.”

Baldwin urged Americans to “send Trump to a retirement home in Moscow where he belongs,” and put his own twist on Trump’s campaign pledge: Make “America America again.”

Check out the highlights of his speech in the clip above.