On 'SNL,' Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump Can't Stay On Message Either

The actor rehashed the president's distracted, headline-grabbing week during the show's cold open sketch on Saturday.

Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump had a lot of ground to cover this week during “Saturday Night Live’s” cold open sketch.

Speaking to a crowd at a rally in “Harassburg, Pennsylvania,” Baldwin’s character attempted to run through all of the real president’s headline-making moments from the past week.

While promising to talk “only” about his “amazing” tax plan, Baldwin’s Trump struggled to stay on message. He discussed getting rid of “everything Obama did,” from health insurance to the Iran deal to vegetables; he repeatedly called Beck Bennett’s Mike Pence to ask him to walk out of places like a NFL game and a Starbucks; he insulted “liddle itty-bitty” Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) and “dumb dumb dumberoonie” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson; he boasted about his “yuge IQ” (which is short, apparently, for “in-qredible”); and somehow also managed to sneak in saying “Puerto Rico” with a Spanish accent.

And that wasn’t even all of it.

Watch the entire sketch in the video above.

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