Alec Baldwin Wants To Run For Office, Details To Be Determined

Alec Baldwin still wants to run for office. Which office and when, however, is entirely up in the air.

The "30 Rock" star has long flirted with a political campaign. In a new interview with Piers Morgan set to air on Wednesday, Baldwin says he wants to run but pushes a potential campaign back a few years, saying that he still plans on acting for a while and that two years is an eternity in politics.

"In that amount of time, maybe in the not too distant future, I'll survey that again and think, is there an opportunity for me?" he tells the host. "Because in New York for example, we have safe Democratic seats around the horn to so speak, it's the governor and the AG [attorney general] and the two senate seats, so what I would run for and when it would be [is] something I'd have to give a lot of thought."

Over the summer, the actor said that he was thinking of running for Mayor of New York City, but sometime after 2013 due to his acting commitments and his desire to learn more about the responsibilities of the office.

In 2009, Baldwin offered himself as a potential candidate against Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, a Democrat-turned-independent who has long frustrated liberals.

Baldwin in late 2010 mused about a Congressional run from his home of Long Island, and said that an Ohio law firm offered to move him out to the state and help him run for governor.

In December, he said on his WNYC podcast that he was no longer interested in running.