Alec Baldwin's Tracy Morgan Impression On 'Conan' Is Perfect (VIDEO)

If you spend five seasons working with someone, you're bound to pick up a few of his or her mannerisms. And if you're Alec Baldwin, you may even learn how to perform a spot-on impersonation, as the "30 Rock" star did with longtime colleague Tracy Morgan on Monday night's "Conan."

After Baldwin recently indicated that he will most likely not run for Mayor of New York City in 2013, he left his native metropolis to visit Los Angeles and chat with Conan O'Brien.

Baldwin admitted that behind the scenes at "30 Rock" is not as glamorous as one might assume, and that Morgan is easily distracted from working on the show. But really, Baldwin's story was simply meant to showcase his flawless impression of Morgan, who he will always remember as revering the Jacksons. A few episodes of "30 Rock" had shown off Baldwin's superb imitation skills in the past, but this "Conan" appearance demonstrates a flawless impersonation we had only seen rarely before.

Perhaps one day Tracy Morgan will appear on Baldwin's podcast, "Here's the Thing." (We recommend the Ed Rollins episode.)