Alec Brownstein: Copywriter Uses Executives' 'Vanity Googling' To Land A Job (VIDEO)

The recession has given rise to some creative attempts to snag a job -- we still miss you, "sandwich board man" -- but Alec Brownstein's employment ploy deserves serious credit. (Hat tip to Digg.)

Brownstein's genius was to play on the vanity of some of New York City's top advertising creative directors. As you'll see in the below video, Brownstein bought Google adwords for the names of industry bigwigs like David Droga, Tony Granger and Ian Reichenthal.

When each creative director did a "vanity google" of their own name, an ad appeared in which Brownstein asked each exec for a job. The result? After investing a total of $6, Brownstein is now working for Y&R .

Agencyspy has some more details on Brownstein -- who tells them that the price of the top spot for each of the names was "10 cents per click."

WATCH Brownstein's video:

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