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Alec Monopoly: The Spray Paint Zorro (VIDEO)

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It was a social message that first inspired Alec to start spreading his Monopoly Man mischief around town. As the economy collapsed and crooks were called out, the devious villain of the times seemed perfectly represented by the top-hatted mogul from the Monopoly board game.

But now, as his art has grown popular and demands for canvases keep him busy, Alec still feels the need to get back out on the streets to make his art open to the public, and help make a dent in the barrage of advertisements we are inundated with daily.

In this new exclusive video of the artist at work, Alec explains his addiction to street art, while also tackling some sizable issues. In his street art spree, Alec decorates a little-known oil rig which thrives in the middle of Los Angeles. Alec also tackles a true monopolist, Clear Channel, in his mock-up of a Disney billboard.

From the forthcoming film PAY 2 PLAY by John Wellington Ennis