Forbes Africa Turns 2, Celebrates With New Project, Supermodel Alek Wek (PHOTO)

This October marks the second anniversary for Forbes Africa, and Forbes coupled the anniversary with the launch of two new magazines focusing on the continent: Forbes Woman Africa and Forbes Life Africa.

"Forbes Woman Africa follows the success of Forbes Africa," said founder and vice chairman of the ABN Group Rakesh Wahi in a statement.

"There are so many stories of success on the African continent that we will never be able to do justice to all the woman [sic] making a difference in the corporate world, which is the principal reason why I took the decision to have a separate magazine for women. We are looking forward to making this the most sought after business magazine for women on the continent," says Wahi.

On the cover of the first edition of Forbes Life Africa is super model Alek Wek. The 36-year old super-model-turned-philanthropist was born in South Sudan. In a behind the scenes video (watch above), Wek shares her humbling thoughts on being part of the inaugural issue.

"I am very humbled and very excited at the same time, especially for the younger next generation, to just how far we've come as a continent and how much history ... and just the richness in general. And if I can contribute to that rebuilding, or celebrating all of the wonderful richness of the continent, I'm just really thrilled and more than happy to be apart of such an incredible moment."

Take a look at the cover image featuring Alek Wek, shot by fashion photographer Albert Marashi.

alek wek forbes africa

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