ALERT: "9/11" Show Has ALREADY Aired UNEDITED Internationally

Whatever token editing may be going on in a Burbank editing suite as you read this - to eliminate the most egregious fabrications - is not being conformed to elsewhere in the world.
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Warning: This blog entry contains proof of lies by Disney and may be disturbing to children. And Disney shareholders...

ABC's disingenuous press statement - issued to try and smother criticism about their fatally-flawed, malevolently-conceived mini-series (until after the show airs and the damage is already done) - is now officially a lie. A premature ejaculation...

"No one has seen the final version of the film, because the editing process is not yet complete, so criticisms of film specifics are premature and irresponsible." - ABC statement.

Well - tell that to the citizens of Australia and New Zealand who have ALREADY seen the film as ORIGINALLY edited. Part One - with all its proven and now-admitted fabrications intact - has already been transmitted on Australia's "Channel Seven" (starting at 8.30PM Sydney time - ie 6.30am EDT Sunday morning in NY.) And on New Zealand's "TV One" (starting at 7.30pm Wellington time - ie 3.30am Sunday in NY)

And the citizens of the UK will see the same original unedited version of the film on Britain's "BBC 2" at 8pm UK time today (3pm Sunday in NY)

I have listed just three countries where I have already been able to identify the broadcast networks and airtimes. Doubtlessly there are many others nations where the film is airing today.

Whatever token editing may be going on in a Burbank editing suite as you read this - to eliminate the most egregious fabrications - is not being conformed to elsewhere in the world.

The version that is being aired in other countries today was of course shipped to those overseas networks several days ago - and is identical to the version ABC sent out to TV reviewers and to selective (ie conservative) talk-show hosts and bloggers.

No time to change those copies of the film sent overseas.

So even if there are some token deletions in the version that we see tonight in the US - viewers all around the world are seeing all of the poisonous, twisted views that David Horowitz's acolytes succeeded in planting in this film.

Note to Bill Clinton, Sandy Berger and Madeleine Albright:

England's laws of libel and slander are far more sympathetic to the wronged party than in the US. Hence the reason so many American entertainers pursue libel suits in England. The laws offer vindication for the wronged - and levy punitive financial damages on the perpetrators. (Or in the case of this film's makers - perhaps that should be "perpe-traitors.")

The slanders are not restricted to the film itself. Even more damagingly the same slanders are repeated in much more potent fashion in the on-screen promotional trailers being used internationally to promote the film.

Inevitably, many more people will have seen the promotional trailers than the film itself. And of course as we all know - promotional trailers run multiple times - reinforcing the impression with each viewing.

Promotional trailers for American programs that air internationally are invariably made by the local broadcasting network - but they hew to a suggested template provided by the film's maker - and they use the sales points provided by the original filmmaker.

For example - the trailer that is being used in Australia promotes the film as "The Official True Story." It's the opening phrase spoken by the sonorous narrator. And the same phrase appears in text form on-screen. "The Official True Story."

And practically all of its 40-second duration convey the views of discredited screenwriter Cyrus Nowrasteh that 9/11 could have been prevented if only it hadn't been for the spineless Clinton administration.

The narrator intones: "How they could have wiped Bin-Laden out but they didn't..."

And in case viewers don't get the message - a shot of the Twin Towers is followed by a shot of a smirking Bill Clinton and then a smiling Osama bin Laden. Followed by the actor portraying Sandy Berger telling a CIA official (who is seeking permission to eliminate bin Laden) "I don't have the authority". Which is one of the scenes from the film that has been utterly discredited as a fabrication and falsehood.

Yes that is how Australia's "Channel Seven" has been promoting "The Path To 9/11" And you may well imagine how the film is being promoted in other countries.

Why would they promote it differently? The trailer is based on the film provided to them by ABC - and on the sales points generated by ABC.

British Prime Minister James Callaghan once warned his supporters that a lie can be halfway round the world before truth has got its boots on.

ABC's lies have gone ALL the way round the world. And the truth is still comparatively barefoot...

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