Alessandra Ambrosio To Wear 'Fantasy Bra' At Victoria's Secret Show, According to Accidentally Leaked Video (UPDATED)

Good going, Victoria.

There aren't many people in the world who would shell out $2.5 million for a bra, but we suspect Victoria's Secret knew that when they decided to call their annual (and totally aspirational) lingerie splurge a "Fantasy Bra." What the brand wasn't prepared for? One of their own employees to spoil the surprise of just who will be wearing this year's coveted brassiere at the Victoria's Secret fashion show.

In an online video entitled "Victoria's Secret Angels Talk Seduction," it was accidentally revealed that Alessandra Ambrosio will receive the high honor of walking down the runway in the bejeweled brassiere. The video was leaked when somebody at the retailer posted the video that included a clip of Ambrosio wearing the "Fantasy Bra." Not long after people noticed the gaffe and shared the news via Twitter, Victoria's Secret cut the clip out of the film, Page Six reports. (You can watch the current version of the video here.)

The "Fantasy Bra," created by London jewelers each year, has become a coveted modeling honor, and only big names have been chosen to wear it ever since Claudia Schiffer modeled the inaugural "Million Dollar Miracle Bra" in 1996. Since then, Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen, Tyra Banks and, most recently, Miranda Kerr have all reached it-Angel status by wearing the ornate lingerie on the catwalk -- so you can imagine how this really puts a damper on Victoria's Secret's hype plans for the December 4th fashion show.

The mass retailer had planned to reveal the identity of this year's "Fantasy Bra" model in their Soho store this Thursday, so now that the secret's out, we're not quite sure how that will go down. As for Alessandra, we're sure she's still pretty excited to sport the jewel-encrusted bra at the show -- even though we would have a panic attack if we ever wore 5,200 precious gems at one time. That's what the pros are for!

Do you agree with Victoria's Secret's choice? More importantly, are you excited to see the "Fantasy Bra" hit the catwalk on December 4th?

UPDATE: Lingerie Talk was one of the first sites to report on the "Fantasy Bra" sighting before the original video was removed. According to Lingerie Talk: "An hour after we published, VS lawyer sent us a notice of copyright infringement and ordered us to remove the photo. We declined based on 'fair use' protections under copyright law." Click to see their post revealing the news.

See the "Fantasy Bra" throughout the years!

Victorias Secret Fantasy Bra Models

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