Alessandra Ambrosio: "I Eat Whatever I Want"

Victoria's Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio talked to WWD about her eating habits after ABC News called likened her body to that of "a pre-pubescent teenager" last week.

"I've been tiny since I was four, and I eat whatever I want," she told WWD. "All that matters is that I stay healthy."

Ambrosio recently blogged for the Huffington Post, writing that her favorite breakfast is my "a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich and a cappuccino with extra foam."

"If I'm two pounds heavier, I'm fat. If I'm skinnier, I'm sick. It's ridiculous. And that's not coming from agents or designers," she added, alluding that the media is to blame.

Although Ambrosio previously said she barely works out, in this interview, she said she does Pilates, yoga and runs. She also spends time ensuring that her 18-month-old daughter Anja develops a good relationship with food.