Alex And Donna Voutsinas Captured In Photograph Together 15 Years Before They Met (PHOTOS)

SERENDIPITY: Couple Captured In Disney World Photo Years Before They Got Married

Think of all the strangers that have accidentally appeared in your holiday photographs over the years.

Now imagine that you end up married to one of them -- never knowing that you'd crossed paths in an obscure photo years earlier.

This is the story Alex and Donna Voutsinas will be telling people for the rest of their lives.

Decades before they got married, both Alex and Donna visited Disney World with their families. Donna's family decided to pose with one of the park's famous characters, when, serendipitously, a man with a tuft of white hair pushing a stroller made it into the photograph. Turns out, the little boy in the stroller was Alex.

“It just blew our minds when we realized,” Alex Voutsinas, 35, told the Star.

A week before their wedding, Alex and Donna were sifting through old family snapshots when they spotted Alex's dad in the photograph and made the connection, the Star reported. The couple shares their story in the video above.

Remarkably, they ended up together despite living in different countries when the photo was taken in 1980.

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The image first went viral in 2010. On Tuesday, it ended up on Reddit's front page and prompted users to share similar stories in the comments section.

Redditor JehuLove said that he'd been dating his girlfriend for a while, when she sent him a photograph she took with her friends months before.

"There I was, in the background, photobombing her picture like a gigantic dork, a month before we'd ever met, in a city three hours from either of our homes," he wrote.

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Another user called that70sfan added:

My husband and I were captured in 2 different photos on our college campus together before we knew each other. One was his bocce match where I happened to show up to watch and the other was the day we recognized National Merits at our school at halftime of a football game. Oh, and yes, we are nerds.

"These coincidences actually happen pretty often," wrote Redditor jlpjlp. "It's identifying them that's tough."

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