Alex Beker, Miami Street Photographer, Holds Workshop (PHOTOS)

"I believe that mundane things and moments can be very powerful once they become a still image," Miami street photographer Alex Beker told HuffPost Miami.

Beker is hosting a Street Photography workshop next month, where he hopes to teach that street photography is about adopting a different mindset towards images and not about owning an expensive camera.

Argentina-born Beker recently moved from Toronto to Miami, a place he says is a bit more challenging for street photography because people are hidden away in cars and not walking the streets.

But as part of his tumblr and book project, Things I Saw Today, he's photographed surreal and serene moments in Miami like his 'Scenes From A Bus Stop' in Little Havana. See those images in the below slideshow.

His favorite Miami shot so far, however, is one from a Calle Ocho market.

"Among the items for sale, they have clear plastic bags filled with water with a sign that reads 'Invisibles fishes from the North Pole. US$25.00 the pair,'" Beker describes. "It is surreal and makes me think of the million stories that could have resulted in an advertisement for invisible fish." See the photo in the below slideshow.

Another of his favorites is a South Beach fixture -- a man who rides his bike wearing nothing but a nude speedo and a safari hat. "The best part of taking that photo is looking at everyone else’s reaction to this man, who is oblivious to the reactions he gets," Beker says.

Beker says aspiring street photographers should always have their cameras on them and act fast. "Be quick to capture what catches your attention before it disappears – it’s usually fleeting moments," he explains.

Hear more of Beker's photo tips at the March 5 workshop. The 4-day class costs $150 and includes a photo book of the students' work. You can sign up here.

Click below to see some of Beker's Miami street photography:

Alex Beker
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