Alex Greene, Aspiring Stanford University Student, Applies With An iPhone App

For years, the world's brightest tech-driven minds have applied to Stanford University, hoping to hone their programming skills to the cutting edge. Nowadays, competition to enroll at the world's premier technical institution is so fierce, one high school student created an iPhone application to show Stanford just how sharp he is.

Check out a video of Alex Greene's app below.

Greene applied to Stanford's computer science program, which was ranked best in the world by the Academic Ranking of World Universities in 2012 (Take that, MIT). That year, the whole university accepted just 6.6 percent of all applications, never mind those applying to the program. Put simply, Greene had to do something other than mountain biking and snowboarding to set himself apart from other mobile-obsessed young guns.

The app isn't going to set fire to any "most downloaded" list, as it targets a very very narrow demographic (Are you an admissions officer at Stanford? No? Then you might want to pass). But lovers of autobiography-as-bulletpoints, take note!

It's not something quantifiable like scores on the ACT, SAT and Advanced Placement tests, but what better way for an aspiring computer scientist to stand out than to build a custom iPhone application to communicate his personality and drive?

At the very least, he's got a leg up on all those business-types still posting links to "Why You Should Build A Digital (Or Video or Vine or Twitter or Facebook or Infographic) Resume."