Alex Haines Talks: Amy Winehouse's Ex Alleges Crack For Breakfast, Sex Mania

Alex Haines tells how the singer smoked CRACK for BREAKFAST from pipes she made out of drinks bottles as she blew £3,500 a week on drugs in her darkest hours.

She was so desperate for every last bit she even frantically scraped the residue out with a SCREWDRIVER so it wouldn't be wasted.

He also reveals how the once painfully thin diva was a secret BULIMIC--living on McDonalds and up to 10 Crunchie bars at a time. She even used HIS TOOTHBRUSH to make herself THROW UP afterwards.

And Alex, her former personal assistant, details their marathon romps while hubby Blake Fielder Civil was inside [jail].

He says: "It was like having my own little porn star. Amy was so dirty--she wanted sex all the time. We did it four or five times a day and she'd even wake me up for it. She was addicted to sex like she was to drugs."

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