Alex Jamieson Is Not the Victim, the Animals Are

Various vegetables from a summer harvest.
Various vegetables from a summer harvest.

This morning, I was featured on CBC's The Current to challenge Alex Jamieson on her decision to no longer be vegan. As a credentialed registered dietitian (RD) and license dietitian-nutritionist (LDN) that relies on science to make evidence-based recommendations, listening to her talk was like nails on a chalkboard. Basically, her rationale for resuming her consumption of animals was solely based on her "cravings."

The reason this argument is so incredibly infuriating for me to hear is because it's a completely bogus argument that has no scientific legitimacy whatsoever. After decades of peer-reviewed nutrition research, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics was able to conclude that a well-planned vegan diet is not only appropriate for all people, but that it likely serves as both treatment and prevention for many chronic diseases.

When I confronted her with the science-based argument and invalidated her fraudulent claim, she just totally ignored the question. Instead, she went on to continue promoting her books and sucking every last bit of her five-minutes of fame she's been riding on since she made a cameo nine years ago in her ex-boyfriend's documentary, Super Size Me.

When she wrote her long-winded blog post, I'm Not Vegan Anymore, the thing I found most infuriating is that instead of just admitting the fact she wanted to eat animals again, she spent the entire time making false rationalizations and insinuating that those who live a truly vegan lifestyle are too extreme and radical. She simply cannot confess to the fact that there's simply no science-based argument for her "cravings."

Sure, we should "listen to our bodies" when we have a persistent ache or pain, but to assert that there's some sort of legitimacy to "listening to your body" when decades of solid nutrition research completely refute your "cravings" is just plain insane. This is what is so troubling about Alex Jamieson. She positions herself as some alleged nutrition expert, yet she hasn't the credentials nor the knowledge to be giving such recommendations. She clearly disregards the scientific method and is doing nothing but spreading nutritional myths and lies.

Alex Jamieson continues to play the victim card and claim that she is being "attacked" for not being vegan anymore. However, the reason she is being challenged is not because she's no longer vegan, but because of her unwillingness to just admit the fact that she's eating animals again because she wants to. People are angry because instead of admitting that, she continues going around spreading invalid nutritional information and berating anyone who legitimately challenges her.

No, Alex, we're not going to feel bad for you and we shouldn't. You are not the victim here, the animals are. Your "cravings" argument is completely flawed and holds no legitimacy whatsoever. Stand up and admit you are no longer vegan because of your own lack of willpower and compassion. Get over yourself and stop pretending you are some kind of nutritional prodigy. Stop spreading myths and lies and leave the nutrition recommendations to those who are qualified and credentialed to give science-based information. This is why people are mad at you.