Ranting, Raving Alex Jones Laughed Out Of A Texas Chicken Restaurant

The conspiracy theorist screams at hecklers after his second dinner.

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones appeared to be looking for a fight as he stood in the middle of a Texas restaurant and traded insults with other diners.

“C’mon!” he goaded. “Big man, aren’t you?”

But instead of a fight, Jones was laughed out of the establishment, according to the footage posted by a Facebook account, Echoplexmedia, and reported on by the Houston Chronicle.

The incident took place at a Lucy’s Fried Chicken location in Austin, the Chronicle reported. Jones and his wife had gone out for a second dinner after the latter wasn’t satisfied with the first meal they ate elsewhere.

In the footage, Jones can be seen standing and holding his phone, recording the scene, as he shouted at the diners around him, some of whom giddily insulted him back.

“You ain’t American!” he screamed at one point. “You’re a slob!”

On his website, Jones said diners cursed at him while he ate and then heckled him when he tried to leave.

“They baited me like a matador does with a bull,” he said to justify his tirade, which included a greatest hits of Infowars insults, from “libtards” to “extra chromosomes” to rants about “free speech in America.”

“Go listen to your NPR and all your other bullshit,” he yelled. ”America and the world is awake to anti-free speech scum like you and bullies like you.”

“Awww, snowflake,” someone replied.

“You’ve all got an instinct not to breed,” Jones yelled at the diners. ”Your body rebels against you. None of you have kids.”

“We’ve got three of them,” one of the hecklers replied.

As he left, the laughing and jeering continued.

“Bye! Bye, Alex,” someone said. “Have a good night.”

Jones is currently being sued by the parents of some of the children murdered in the 2012 Sandy Hook mass shooting, who have been targeted for harassment due to his claims that the tragedy was a hoax. He’s also lost much of his audience since he was removed from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, as well as podcast hosts Spotify and Apple’s iTunes earlier this year.

The crowd of hecklers in the restaurant may well have been one of his biggest audiences in months.

The video, as posted to Facebook, contains a graphic language. Jones has claimed it was deceptively edited.

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