Alex Jones Clarifies Asinine 'Eat Your Leftist Ass' Post And Hilarity Ensues

As one person told the conspiracy-spewing talk show host, "When you're explaining, you're losing."

Alex Jones caused a “hole” lot of confusion Wednesday with a social media post threatening to “eat your leftist ass.”

Since there was little context beyond a photo of Jones and the ass-eating offer, it was unclear whether the post was an attack or a romantic gesture.

Naturally, folks on X, formerly Twitter, thought it would be funnier to interpret the post as the latter, and trolled the conspiracy-spewing radio host.

Jones tried to claim that the post was “a joke,” but one person suggested that the talk show provocateur simply couldn’t “hold back your anilingus fetish any longer.”

Jones explained: “I did it on purpose. That’s the point it had a double meaning.”

However, he eventually got angry at the barrage of butt-oriented jokes at his expense, and said that the post was about something bigger than just posterior pleasure.

In fact, he claimed that the post was about cannibalism:

The left has misunderstood what my intention was in posting this meme. I am taking about the road warrior collapse that has already begun because of the policy’s of The Great Reset.

I am taking about Cannibalism as defined as the consumption of another human’s flesh. 10 days without food and over 80% of people start eating each other.

You guys want to bring down civilization so I just wanted to warn you. Good luck…

If Jones thought the clarification would settle the issue, he was sadly mistaken, based on the reactions he got.

As one person told him, “When you’re explaining, you’re losing.”

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