Alex Jones' Harvey Weinstein Comments Are Vile Beyond Belief

The radio host warns young actresses they'll become "crack whores" in "snuff films."

When he isn’t spouting crackpot conspiracy theoriesAlex Jones still says pretty outlandish things.

Mounting accusations of sexual harassment and assault against movie producer Harvey Weinstein gave Jones the perfect opportunity to bloviate on what he calls the “slime bucket” of Hollywood Tuesday.

Jones said on his radio show that aspiring actresses know what they’re getting into when they try to make it in show business ― and likened the risk to walking down a dangerous alley at night and freaking out if you get mugged.

But that wasn’t the worst of it. He warned of a bizarrely gruesome future for hopefuls.

“Now some of the young 16-year-old girls that watch TV all day, think they are going to be movie stars,” he said in a clip posted by Media Matters. “They go, ‘Oh yeah, come to California, you’re going to be movie stars.’ You know what you’re going to be is a crack whore and when they’re done using you up they’re going to put you in a snuff film for European consumption and they’re going to torture you to death.” 

Listen to the whole disgusting rant above.