Alex Jones' Ex-Wife Fears He'll Become More Dangerous After Tech Company Bans

Kelly Jones termed her former husband "an unhappy, unwell man."

The ex-wife of notorious right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones fears his ban from YouTube, Facebook and iTunes, may make him even more out of control.

Kelly Jones was married to Jones for 12 years before they divorced in 2015. They went through a high-profile child custody trial last year that led to a jury making her home the primary residence for their three children.

However, the radio host has yet to let the kids move in with her as he continues his custody battle. The two are due back in court next month, but Kelly fears the various bans on his social media platforms will push him to the breaking point.

“I am afraid that he is going to be so upset and out of control that it will even be more dangerous,” she told Inside Edition. 

She added: “He’s engaging in racist and hateful speech. He needs to be held accountable.”

As blustery as Jones is on air, Kely said he’s even worse when the mics are off. She called him “an unhappy, unwell man,” and accuses him of engaging in cruel behavior toward her.

“What Alex has done after I filed for divorce is much more abusive than what I experienced in the marriage because he’s used litigation to hurt the children to hurt me,” she said.