Alex Jones' Former Wife Says 'He Looked Like A Moron' During Megyn Kelly Interview

“He's a fraud and a fake and I really think Megyn Kelly really showed that.”

There has been much debate over whether NBC’s Megyn Kelly managed to take down right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on her show Sunday night, but Jones’ former wife was impressed.

“He’s a fraud and a fake and I really think Megyn Kelly really showed that,” Kelly Jones told “Inside Edition.” “She did a fantastic job of showing who Alex is and the hypocrite he is and the influence he has.”

It’s safe to say that Kelly Jones has a certain bias against the radio and website host. She was married to him for 12 years before they divorced in 2015. They went through a high-profile child custody trial a few months ago.

Kelly Jones said she’s still bothered that her ex-husband claims the Sandy Hook school shooting that killed 20 children was faked by liberals to promote gun control.

“I think it’s horrific,” she told “Inside Edition.” “I don’t know how he can sleep at night if he was at all apologetic.”

Even though Kelly Jones said Megyn Kelly’s interview made her ex look like an idiot, she said it may not have much of an effect.

“He looked like a moron, but he loves the hype,” she said. “Be it good or bad, he adores it.”

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