Alex Jones' Infowars Removed From Vimeo For Violating Terms Of Service

There's a growing list of social media platforms taking a stand against Jones' dubious claims.

Infowars’ Alex Jones is running out of places on the internet to host his conspiracy-pushing brand.

Video platform Vimeo told Business Insider on Sunday that it had removed the Infowars account, citing multiple videos posted last week that violate its terms on “discriminatory and hateful content.” 

“We do not want to profit from content of this nature in any way,” a Vimeo spokesperson said. 

A week ago, Jones was banned from multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, iTunes, Spotify and YouTube, all of which cited similar terms of service violations. 

Twitter is one of the few remaining major platforms still propping Jones up. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted his reasoning for allowing the Infowars figurehead to stay.

Jones is known for pushing baseless theories that thrive on his audience’s distrust of the government. For example, Jones has made multiple claims that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a government hoax, prompting lawsuits against the Infowars host.