The 'Shib Sibs' Are As Obsessed With K-Pop Band BTS As Everyone Else

We can only hope they blasted "DNA" before winning bronze at the Winter Games.

Olympians ― they’re just like us ... when it comes to their love of BTS. 

Team USA ice skaters Alex and Maia Shibutani recently shared a photo of themselves holding customized Ralph Lauren hats for each member of the K-pop band. The “Shib Sibs,” who won the bronze medal at the Winter Olympics on Tuesday, also asked for some help from the band’s fiercely loyal fanbase, BTS Army, to get the gear to their beloved artists. 

Fans flooded the duo with tips on how to reach BTS and send the Olympic hats. But Alex told People that they haven’t been able to get the hats to the band yet. 

“We would like to get rid of them and give them to BTS. We really appreciate and respect their work that they do,” Alex said. “What they’ve done breaking through to Western pop culture is awesome.”

Alex explained to People that the love he and his sister share for the K-Pop stars comes from a personal place. He said he sees parallels between the sibs’ journey and that of BTS. In a way, he and his sister were “trailblazers” in Asian representation, as is the band, Alex said. 

“We were the first ice dance team of Asian descent to win a medal in the Olympics, and so that was something that we’re really proud of. We haven’t been following K-pop for our entire lives, but real recognizes real. And we see what they’re doing and the impact they’re having, and we respect that.”

Considering BTS’ quick ascent in the music industry, it’s no wonder that the Shib Sibs stan the band. Earlier this month, the band’s single “Mic Drop” remix with Steve Aoki, featuring rapper Desiigner, was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. Days later, their song “DNA” also earned the distinction. The band also recently graced the cover of Billboard and chatted with the outlet about “representing a new generation.” 

As for the hats, it’s your move, BTS. 

This story has been updated to include more details about the music of BTS.