Alex Maroshek, University of South Carolina Student, Calls Apartment Fire 'Not Frat At All'

'This Is Just Not Frat At All'

Apartment fires really are "not frat at all." At least, that's according to University of South Carolina student Alex Maroshek.

Maroshek's Columbia, S.C., duplex apartment erupted in flames Monday. In the aftermath of the accident, Maroshek, wearing a bathrobe and sporting what Bro Bible described as an "an attitude that can best be described as Jeff Spicoli meets Frank the Tank at his most enthusiastic" recounted his story to local news station WISTV.

"There's like ceiling, all covered in fire," said Maroshek. "I was like AHH, AHH! Fire! I just yell it."

Maroshek's yelling luckily woke up his roommates, who escaped unharmed.

How did he feel about the fire when all was said and done?

"This is just not frat at all. It's awful," the junior pre-med major told the station. "I can laugh at it now because everybody is safe."

Aside from house fires, other things that are "not frat," according to the Twitter user of the same name, include "non-alcoholic beer," "anything made with soy" and "incoming freshmen."

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