Alex Robinson, Aurora Man Facing Cocaine Charge, Brings Cocaine To Court

Man Facing Cocaine Charge Brings Cocaine To Court

An Aurora, Ill. man due in court for a probation hearing on a drug charge was arrested Wednesday when he was caught with cocaine in his pocket during a security screening.

Alex Robinson, 37, was going through security at the Kane County courthouse when he set off the metal detector, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

When Robinson, who was in court for a probation violation on a 2006 cocaine delivery charge, emptied his pockets before passing through the screener again, he placed a bag containing three grams of cocaine onto a tray.

Kane County Sheriff’s Lt. Patrick Gengler told the Daily Herald that Robinson immediately realized his error and unsuccessfully attempted to flee the scene.

“It was kind of like, oops,” Gengler told the Herald. “He didn’t mean to put it in the basket.”

Robinson was arrested and charged with felony possession of a controlled substance, the Chicago Tribune reports.

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