Alex Trebek Talks About Leaving ‘Jeopardy!’ In 2020, Names Potential Successors

The game show host said his chances of staying were “50-50” and hinted someone lesser-known like Alex Faust or Laura Coates could take over.

Alex Trebek, the longtime host of “Jeopardy!” and a staple of the game show circuit for decades, hinted that he may soon be done hosting the program.

Trebek, speaking to TMZ’s Harvey Levin as part of a Fox News series, said his odds of hosting the popular quiz show past 2020, when his current contract expires, were “50-50, and a little less.” The 78-year-old even went so far as to suggest two replacements, NHL announcer Alex Faust and CNN legal analyst Laura Coates.

“I mentioned to our producer not so long ago that the fellow that does play-by-play for the Los Angeles Kings, they should consider him,” Trebek said of Faust, who is 28. When asked about the potential for a female replacement, Trebek quickly mentioned Coates.

Both expressed surprise and thanks on Twitter shortly after the host’s comments aired.

“Incredibly honored & humbled @Jeopardy Alex Trebek 1) knows who I am 2) thinks I’d be a great host of my fave game show ever,” Coates wrote. 

Others have already come forward to throw their hat in the ring, including “Star Trek” alum LeVar Burton and “Jeopardy!” veteran Ken Jennings.

There’s been no confirmation that Trebek plans to leave when his contract expires, and he has regularly hinted at retirement over the years only to renew his contract. The host, known for his wit and fast-paced delivery, underwent brain surgery in December for blood clots linked to a fall. 

He was back in the studio by mid-January.

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