Alex Trinidad, 8, Gives Away First Communion Money To Feed The Hungry (VIDEO)

A boy celebrated his First Holy Communion by giving all the money he received from family and friends to a local ministry that feeds the hungry, WFMZ TV reports.

Alex Trinidad, who is in the third grade in Lehigh County, gave $465 to the Ecumenical Kitchen in Allentown, Penn. According to its website, the soup kitchen has served over 40,000 meals a year for the last three years.

His mother, who has a blog called Filling my Prayer Closet, wrote about how her son chose to make the decision:

Our son, who LOVES Pope Francis, thought he should give all of his Communion money away to the local Ecumenical Kitchen. “If we don’t feed them [the poor and hungry] who will, Mommy?” Yes. That’s a direct quote from our son. Unprompted.

When asked about his gift Alex told WFMZ: "Pope Francis said Feed the poor. I feel good because everybody gets to eat."

To which we say -- Amen little brother.



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