Alex Wagner Rips RNC Chairman Reince Priebus (VIDEO)

On Alex Wagner's Friday show, the MSNBC host and panel weighed in on the RNC's decision to not partner with CNN and NBC due to the networks' upcoming plans to air respective documentaries about Hillary Clinton.

Wagner called out the RNC and Priebus for the decision. In addition to highlighting how NBC's Clinton programming may be produced by Fox Television Studios, she also wondered if the chairman was using the programming as a way to avoid having so many Republican primary debates. She noted how a key finding in the RNC's "autopsy" after the 2012 election was to limit the amount of primary debates.

After running through all of Mitt Romney's embarrassing debate gaffes, Wagner asked, "Is Reince Preibus just waking up to the fact that Mitt Romney was a terrible candidate? Or, is this a deeply craven, crass example of political opportunism now that Mitt Romney is no longer the candidate?"



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