Alex Wagner, Ron Paul Have Extremely Tense Argument (VIDEO)

Alex Wagner and Ron Paul got into an extremely heated debate on Thursday after she questioned his speaking engagement at what she said has been called an "anti-Semite group."

The former Congressman was on to talk about his new venture, the Ron Paul Channel. Wagner asked Paul about his upcoming speaking gig at the Fatima Center in Canada, saying that it has been called a "hard-core anti-Semite group." For its part, the organization has denied that the conference has anything to do with anti-Semitism.

"Is this something that you would reconsider doing?" Wagner asked on Thursday.

"No," Paul began, adding that he talks to Republicans who disagree with him. "I'm going to a conservative, Catholic group that is pro-peace, and wants to hear my foreign policy and my take on economy," he said. "I wouldn't be on this station if I had to have a litmus test. I mean, you have --"

"This station --" Wagner tried to interject.

"-- Why can't I go there?" Paul shouted.

Wagner said that there was a difference between MSNBC and the Fatima Center, citing the group's views. Paul said that he had "nothing to do with" the Fatima Center's beliefs, adding, "Sounds to me like you have me on here to bash Catholics!"

Later, he questioned why she brought the subject up, saying, "It astounds me." Wagner proceeded to explain her line of questioning. Watch the debate unfold in the video above.



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