Alexa Chung's Clothing Line Is Just Moments Away

It was only a matter of time: Alexa Chung is gearing up to launch her own line.

In an interview with Numéro Japan (some of which we attempted to parse via Google Translate), Chung discusses her personal style, her love of music and her modeling experience. She also, according to the Daily Mail, admits that a clothing line is in the works:

"I’ve got nothing to lose, it’s a bit of fun. In this current era of celebrity no one believes you actually design the stuff anyway, even though I sketch everything myself. So if it sucks I can say I had nothing to do with it, and if it’s really good I can say ‘Here are the drawings, it’s all my own work!’"

Sounds like signature Alexa, a Brit who's known as much for her goofball wit as her idiosyncratic fashion sense, which we like to describe as a tomboyish bohemian Lolita. Chung already has turned her personal style savvy into good business: designing collections for Madewell, fronting campaigns for Superga and Maje, getting a Mulberry leather satchel named after her and hosting a fashion design TV show, "24 Hour Catwalk."

So it's only natural that she take her fashion cred, bypass the middleman and set up shop on her own. A spokesperson for Chung confirmed to Vogue UK that the DJ-slash-model-slash-It Girl is "definitely looking into the idea" although nothing's been finalized.

But we assume it won't be long till we see Peter Pan collar sweaters, swingy mini dresses, lace-up leather brogues and floral rompers gracing store shelves with Alexa Chung's name on them. Tousled ombre hair not included.

Glimpse Alexa's signature style in the slideshow below and read more about the possible clothing line at (or, if your Japanese skills are up to snuff, at Will you fill your closet with Alexa-designed duds?

Alexa Chung's Style Evolution

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