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Alexa Chung Schools Jimmy Fallon On Fashion Terms, Her New Style TV Show (VIDEO)

Model and TV personality Alexa Chung brought a dose of British style to the Jimmy Fallon show last night, first practically blinding everyone with her sequined silver dress and silver shoes when she strode out on stage. (Frankly, we're kind of loving it.)

But despite her chic outfit, Alexa was game for some physical activity, drinking beer and throwing (American) footballs with Jimmy. Afterward, she talks about drinking homemade moonshine at a pub "with no name" back home in England.

Then, the talk turns to style. Fallon mentions going into a pub (presumably with a name) and seeing a sign that said "no jerseys."

"Jerseys?" Alexa says, confused.

"I don't know what you'd call them," Fallon says, pantomiming putting on a shirt.

"Oh, jumpers!" Alexa says. They then discuss what a "romper" is in England, which, honestly, we're still confused about it.

Alexa also chats about her new fashion show "24 Hour Catwalk," where designers are forced to make a runway collection in 24 hours."

"It's a very mean show," Alexa says. Uh oh.

Watch below to hear Chung talk about why her new venture is so brutal.