Alexa Meade And Sheila Vand's 'MILK: What Will You Make Of Me?​​' Is Not For The Lactose Intolerant (PHOTOS)

This may be the best artistic manifestation of a milk bath since Annie Leibovitz' epic portrait of Whoopi Goldberg. Innovative photographer Alexa Meade teamed up with performance artist Sheila Vand for a dairy-filled art experiment.

alexa meade milk

Meade is known for her "living paintings," where the bodies of her subjects become the canvas. In her most recent project, entitled "MILK: what will you make of me?" the artist explores what happens when the canvas becomes a pool of lactose.

"MILK" challenges the faith we place in our identities by showing how quickly we can be swallowed by our context. An original text accompanying the performance explains MILK's journey: "Today I prefer to blend in with my canvas/ I am tired / There's a leak in my rowboat and I'm ready to sink.​"

Are you ready to trade in your oil paints for some half and half? Let us know if you think "MILK" is as intellectually stimulating as it is visually pleasurable in the comments below.

MILK: what will you make of me?​​