Twitter Jumps To Defense Of Mexican Gymnast Who Was Body-Shamed

Let's focus on Alexa Moreno's performance.

Alexa Moreno is a gymnast who competed in the qualifying rounds for Mexico during the 2016 Rio Olympics, whose body is capable of seriously amazing things, yet Twitter trolls still managed to find reasons to shame her. 

Moreno competed in the uneven bars, floor exercise, beam and vault, finishing 31st all-around.

Seriously. Look at her go. 

Still, some people decided to tweet about the 22-year-old’s appearance instead of her amazing accomplishments, as BuzzFeed points out. Luckily, other Twitter users came to her defense. 

Athlete Diego Reyes tweeted, “Felicidades a por su gran participación en las olimpiadas!Una razón más de sentirnos orgullosos a pesar de todas las críticas” which translates to, ”Congratulations to #AlexaMoreno for your great participation in the Olympics! One more reason to be proud despite all the criticism 👏🏽.” 

Dove Mexico’s tweet translates to, “Thank you for your effort, talent and dedication. Thank you for being you. We feel proud. #AlexaMoreno.” 

No doubt, Moreno ― who studies architecture in her spare time and hopes to build her own work-out facility ― is a role model for many reasons

“Gymnastics is a sport for strong people,” she told CCTV in July. “You need to be dedicated, have a strong will and lots of persistency. I don’t stop until I have reached my goals ... You need to believe in yourself and fight to be able to do things no one has ever done before.” 

You tell ‘em, girl. 



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